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Current version: 6.9
updated on: February 14, 2019
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Q: What is Neevia docuPrinter LT?
A: Neevia docuPrinter LT is a PDF Printer Driver that enables users to easily create and distribute PDF files.

Q: How can I create PDF files with docuPrinter LT?
A: To create a PDF file with docuPrinter LT you have to print to it from your application. You can also convert PostScript / EPS files to PDF through the drag-and-drop functionality - simply click on the docuPrinter LT icon on your desktop and drop the PostScript / EPS file into the docuPrinter LT window.

Q: What file formats can docuPrinter LT convert to PDF?
A: Any file that can be printed in MS Windows can also be printed to PDF using docuPrinter LT which is also capable of converting PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript to PDF through its Drag-and-Drop module.

Q: What are the main docuPrinter LT features?
A: Below are listed the main docuPrinter LT features:
  • Font embedding, resolution and compression;
  • Use stationery & watermarks;
  • Create linearized (web optimized) PDF files;
  • Combine multiple documents into a single PDF file;
  • Automatically attach and send PDF output via email;
  • Convert hyperlinks/bookmarks from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint;
  • Drag-and-Drop conversion of PostScript/EPS files;
  • Optimized settings for press, print, ebook and web output;
Q: Can docuPrinter LT preserve the hyperlinks and bookmarks in the original document?
A: docuPrinter LT can create PDF files that will preserve the hyperlinks and bookmarks from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint - just select the "File->Create PDF" menu item in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Q: What is PDF linearization?
A: PDF linearization is a way to optimize PDF files for more efficient viewing over the web. Pages are loaded faster and the user does not have to wait until the entire PDF file is uploaded by the browser.

Q: Does Neevia Technology offer different language versions of docuPrinter LT?
A: Neevia Technology currently offers English, Spanish, French and German versions of docuPrinter LT.

docuPrinter Pro works great and the price is right, your customer support is fast, friendly and effective. If you start selling operating systems, let me know!!!

Bob Henry
Robert A. Henry P.A.
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