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Example 13: Encrypt an existing PDF file (128 bits - RC4) from C#  Print Example 
Add a reference in your Visual Studio project to docConverter library.
To do this:
        a. On the Project menu, click Add Reference;
        b. On the COM tab, locate docConverter Library and then click Select;
        c. Click OK in the Add References dialog box to accept your selections.
  Neevia.docConverter DC = new Neevia.docConverter();

  DC.setParameter( "PDFEncryption", "true" );
  DC.setParameter( "PDFEncryptionType", "rc4" );

  DC.setParameter( "PDFOwnerPassword", "owner" );
  DC.setParameter( "PDFUserPassword", "open" );

  // p - disable document printing
  // e - disable extraction of text and graphics
  DC.setParameter( "Permissions", "pe" );

  int RVal = DC.encryptPDF(@"c:\in.pdf", @"c:\out.pdf");

  DC = null;

  if (RVal != 0) { 
    MessageBox.Show("There was an error encrypting the PDF!!!");
    MessageBox.Show("Done !!!");

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