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Example 11: Convert 3 TIFF files into a single PDF from ASP.NET  Print Example 

Add a reference in your project to docCreator library.
To do this:
      a. On the Project menu, click Add Reference.
      b. On the COM tab, locate Neevia docCreator and then click Select.
      c. Click OK in the Add References dialog box to accept your selections.

Visual Basic
<SCRIPT runat="server" language="VB">

  Sub Page_Load(Source As Object, e As EventArgs)

    Dim DC As Object : DC = CreateObject("Neevia.docCreator")

    DC.mergeMultipleTIFF("d:\file1.tif+d:\file2.tif+d:\file3.tif", "d:\out.tif")
    DC.convertImage("d:\out.tif", "d:\out.pdf")

    DC = Nothing

    Response.Write("Done converting!!!")

  End Sub

<SCRIPT runat="server" language="C#">

  void Page_Load(object Source, EventArgs e)

   Neevia.docCreator DC = new Neevia.docCreator();
   DC.mergeMultipleTIFF(@"d:\file1.tif+d:\file2.tif+d:\file3.tif", @"d:\out.tif");
   DC.convertImage(@"d:\out.tif", @"d:\out.pdf");

   DC = null;

   Response.Write("Done converting!!!");



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