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How to configure Document Converter Pro to detect parsers when run as Windows service.
By cb on April 26, 2010 23:02

If you run Document Converter as a Windows service and some of the MsOffice parsers cannot be detected you should try this:

  1. Launch the windows Services console; find the dcStart service -> right mouse click Properties -> Select "Automatic" as Startup type.
    In the Log On tab check the "This account" radio box, press the Browse button and select the local admin account or an account that belongs to the local admin group. Restart dcStart.
  2. Log in with the account used for DcStart one time and launch (open/close) all applications used as parsers to create their registry profiles. 
  3. In case the above does not help, you need to make sure that MsOffice parsers run under the same user account as DCStart. To do that type dcomcnfg in the command prompt hit enter, expand the Component Services group, expand the Computers group, expand the My Computer group, expand the DCOM Config group, find and select  Microsoft Word Document (valid for other parsers too) -> right mouse click->Properties.
     - click the Identity tab -> check This user -> press Browse and specify the Administrator account or the account used by dcStart;
     - enter and re-enter the password;
     - click the Security tab -> check Use custom access permissions -> press Edit and add the "Everyone" user account;
     - check the Use custom launch permissions checkbox -> press Edit and add the "Everyone" user account;
     - reboot your computer;


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