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Welcome to our News section! Here you will find a comprehensive list of product improvements and added features. Feel free to browse through!

How to configure Document Converter Pro to detect parsers when run as Windows service.
By cb on April 26, 2010 23:02

If you run Document Converter as a Windows service and some of the MsOffice parsers cannot be detected you should try this: Launch the windows Services console; find the dcStart service -> right mouse click Properties -> Select "Automatic" as Startup type. In the Log O... [More]

How to OCR Images and/or PDF files that contain Images using Document Converter Pro.
By cb on April 23, 2010 03:37

Simply put, OCR means recognizing text in a scanned image. When you convert this image to PDF using Document Converter Pro you will obtain a file that is searchable. In order to OCR Images and/or PDF files than contain images the following steps need to be completed: Download DC Pro from h... [More]

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